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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

iPhone Close-up Portrait

When I saw our grandchildren playing around like this I whipped out my BEST CAMERA, ( the one that is always with you! Thanks Chase Jarvis) and shot this. Originally in color, I put it through B &W Camera, a terrific App, that allows you to apply filters for B & W photography effects. I chose a red filter as it created a more high key, soft glowing image that I really liked. Lesson, always have a camera with you, it will be your best camera. Enjoy, Jeff

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Turbo liner Graphic Image

 As per the story in the image below.  Another close-up of a wheel- springs mechanism.  Originally a pale brown I converted it to this contrasty Monochrome photo using Topaz Adjust.  Shot with the X10 ( incidentally, I noticed on the screen the embossed X10 on the spring arm!).  I was intrigued by the rust and decay, knowing that this would make a great study.  Enjoy, Jeff


Close up with the Turbo liner

Charles Szuberia of our photo club, the Schenectady Photographic Society, told me of the defunct NYS Turbo liner project. These Amtrak trains, part of a failed refurbishing plan, sit on a spur at the Scotia-Glenville Industrial Park. When I see large subjects as this, I often go looking for the details, which are usually more interesting than the whole subject- a locomotive. Scouting around with Fuji X10 in Macro mode, I found this wonderful color opposition that I enhanced in Topaz Adjust. Enjoy, Jeff

The Christman Sanctuary

We had a bit of snow last eve, thus I headed out to one of my favorite nature preserves for some meditation, spiritual connection and of course image making. These three images were shot with the iPhone 4, using True HDR and then further processed in Camera+. There, Clarity and frames finished the work. Enjoy, Jeff

The Christman Sanctuary

The Christman Sanctuary

Monday, February 13, 2012

Turbo Scan

Same image as below but processed in Turbo Scan, a scanning App shared by Joe Schuyler. Really cool effect I think !

Enjoy, Jeff

All American Family

Heres a photo I shot in the mall of the Old Navy store display. Shot with the iPhone and edited in Camera+, Lomob and Photoforge. Enjoy, Jeff

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Moto Cross and Artists Touch

Started as an iPhone image from the flat screen TV and then played with it in Artists Touch. I used a knife pallet brush to create a sense of increased motion and speed around the cyclist. A fine pointed brush was used on him. Enjoy, Jeff


Sunday, February 5, 2012

SLR or iPhone ?

Cold outside today and little to shoot. So with my iPhone on Camera+, earphone volume+ button as cable release, iPhone tripod adapter, in the warmth of my home, I merrily shot away using the Samsung flat screen tv showing Moto Cross racing. I don't think I would have cooler images had I been there with my SLR! Had a lot of fun and got some cool images. Enjoy, Jeff