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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Oil in Abstraction Continued

Autofoc Assist lamp reflection


Oil 3


I am becoming obsessed about nailing  down this technique!  I played a round with my setup as shown to the left.. Patterns on the floor, good window light today, pyrex glass dish with water and oil, camera and hoodman. tripod and macro rail.  Initially I saw this annoying orange light in the   left  side and finally realized that it was the AF assist beam reflecting off the surface.  Could not disable it in the menu so I solved that with duct tape over the beam!.  Still have to fiddle with technique to find the right amount of water to keep the details on the glass dish bottom (lines, bubbles and so forth) from coming through.  The old Tamron 90mm 2.5 Macro at 2.5 helps a lot.  Enjoy, Jeff


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oil in Abstraction

Another snowy day project.  I used my Macro set-up as noted a few posts below ( 50mm Canon FD lens, 50mm of extension and the Canon EOS M) with a Canon Speed light 90EX at -2 compensation. ISO 400, f-stop 3.5, shutter 1/125 with flash.  Set up was a pyrex glass dish filled with water, a few drops of vegetable oil, placed on a glass table with a dish of colorful flowers about 18 inches underneath.  Shot on tripod with Macro Focusing Rail with the sensor parallel to the oil droplets.  You have only a few seconds for the shot as the oil disperses quickly.  Shot in RAW and edited in Canon Digital Professional.  Great winter indoors photo project.  Enjoy, Jeff

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Small Landscapes #5

Another fun shot with the Canon EOS M and a wonderful, old Tamron 90mm, 2.5 Macro Lens.  With an EOS M adaptor attaches to a Tamron to Canon FD adapter, the lens works beautifully on the camera.
The F stop was 2.5 to create a very narrow DOF and a blur of flower petal colors.  Focus was manual on just a few points of the flower base and the rest is intentionally left soft.  The image was edited lightly as a Canon Raw file in Canon Digital Photo Professional.  All on a tripod and Macro Focus Rail. A 2 second timer fired the shutter.  Enjoy, Jeff


A Simple Portrait

This is Jay, a very soft spoken man I met while on
Antigua last month. I look for people that to me are
different and unique. We had a great chat about life
and our faiths. He is a Rastafarian. A very gentle
faith immersed in nature and monotheism. I used the
iPhone 5 with Camera + to take and edit the image
Enjoy, Jeff

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day


 Note the sign!






 I wanted to capture people in the city on a snowy day.  For this I used my Nikon D200 DSLR with a Nikkor 18-135mm lens,  ISO 400 and Av of 4.5 to get a fast exposure.  Metering was center weighted to reduce the need for exposure compensation due to the predominance of snow/white in the scene.  I used a Kata protective camera bag that allowed me to use all the controls, see the viewfinder and of course keep the lens and camera dry.  In the 3rd photo, the guy was so happy for he found a kid to shovel the sidewalk!  Enjoy, Jeff