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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Advanced texture

At the Tobins First Prize plant, I noticed this steel door with the original paint peeling off. I was impressed with the texture and roughness of it and photographed it again with my iPhone five.

Because the light was dim, I used camera plus as it has excellent low light capture capability. I then edited the image in Snapseed and then laminar

Enjoy, Jeff

Design in obsolescence

On the way to my accountants office today I decided to swing by Tobins First Prize remnant of a once thriving meatpacking plant. This building would be a good place to walk around with my iPhone looking for some high dynamic Range images an interesting composition. I was intrigued by the arrangement of these rusty pipes and conduits and struck by the broken glass and broken wires. It seems quite graphic and a perfect subject. I took out my iPhone and used True HDR and captured the image in semi automatic mode

A smartphone will not replace a digital single lens reflex camera, but it is better to have a smart phone in your pocket then no camera whatsoever. The iPhone can take stunning photographs when properly used with the right camera applications. I have 18 x 24 prints made with the iPhone five. They cannot be discerned from images taken with a professional camera.

Enjoy, Jeff

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Believe it or not Pink, is our dear family friend.  Her name as most know is Alecia Moore.  Her mom Judy and my wife jeanette grew up together in Ventnor , NJ and have been life long friends ever since.  We have known this unbelievably talented young woman since birth and have enjoyed following her career.  We went to her wedding in Costa Rica.

Last nite she performed at Madison Square Garden to a sold-out house!  The show was one of the best I have ever seen, her talent is amazing!

These were shot with a Canon SX-40 with a super tele lens that goes out to near 700mm.  Hand held these were taken at ISO 1600, AWB at Aperture priority.  The camera has image stabilization which allowed hand held shooting, mostly at 1/60 sec.  Editing occurred in iPhoto only to correct for WB, Tint, Levels and sharpening with a little noise reduction.

Enjoy, Jeff

A train ride on the Hudson

This was shot outside of the train going north of New York City this morning. I do not know the name of the bridge but captured it with symmetry

To capture this through the window, I used camera + first taking three pictures as we passed by the bridge.

The original image was processed in Laminar then Snapseed, then image blender and finally added the setting sun between the ends of the bridge with Lens light. This was great fun relaxing! Enjoy, Jeff

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Image created with Snapseed

One of the Troy shots further edited in Snapseed. Jeff

Today's photo shoot with the iPhone took place in Urban Troy. There are a lot of old factory buildings when Troy was in its heyday in the 1800s that still exist and with politeness one can often have access. These were done with TrueHDR on the iPhone five. Enjoy, Jeff

Sunday, March 10, 2013


The most important tip for photographing fish in an aquarium is to make sure the lens of your camera is flat against the glass. Otherwise, you're likely to see reflections of nearby lights were even passer byes.

The shot was simply made with an iPhone five by pressing the lens against the glass at the Syracuse zoo. This was rather easy to do with such a small flat camera and took up very little space. I used camera plus as the photo taking app because it focuses very quickly and has a terrific developing feature called Clarity

Clarity creates almost a high-definition range photograph really bringing out the colors and total values of an image. The white balance was of course automatic and the shutter speed enough with the iPhone to stop the fish from moving. No flash was involved. Using flashing aquarium photography only works if the flash Can be pressed Flush against the glass or better yet shot into the aquarium from the top, which of course is impossible at the zoo.

Enjoy, Jeff

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Laminar Is an unbelievable photo editing app for the iPhone that I downloaded a day or two ago. It is full-featured, quite powerful and save sure images in a very decent 2600 x 1800 or so as a 4 x 6 size image that can be blown up to be at least 88 x 12 as print

It has many of the features of various Photoshop editors, iPhoto and Iris for the iPhone or iPad. In addition it also has blend modes, plenty of cool filters and frames to used to enhance your photographs. I downloaded it for free when it was first available.

This photograph was originally taken in color with a digital SLR and using this new application I converted to a pretty good looking black and white image

Enjoy, Jeff

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Big Box Home supply and garden stores are full of items that are interesting and challenging to photograph. I saw this row of spades at Lowe's earlier today it was intrigued by the graphic design of the items lined up one after another. I also liked the sharp edges

I took this image with Camera plus and edited using clarify and then the Ansel effect. I put a gritty black frame around the border. Enjoy! Jeff