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Sunday, March 10, 2013


The most important tip for photographing fish in an aquarium is to make sure the lens of your camera is flat against the glass. Otherwise, you're likely to see reflections of nearby lights were even passer byes.

The shot was simply made with an iPhone five by pressing the lens against the glass at the Syracuse zoo. This was rather easy to do with such a small flat camera and took up very little space. I used camera plus as the photo taking app because it focuses very quickly and has a terrific developing feature called Clarity

Clarity creates almost a high-definition range photograph really bringing out the colors and total values of an image. The white balance was of course automatic and the shutter speed enough with the iPhone to stop the fish from moving. No flash was involved. Using flashing aquarium photography only works if the flash Can be pressed Flush against the glass or better yet shot into the aquarium from the top, which of course is impossible at the zoo.

Enjoy, Jeff

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