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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Design in obsolescence

On the way to my accountants office today I decided to swing by Tobins First Prize remnant of a once thriving meatpacking plant. This building would be a good place to walk around with my iPhone looking for some high dynamic Range images an interesting composition. I was intrigued by the arrangement of these rusty pipes and conduits and struck by the broken glass and broken wires. It seems quite graphic and a perfect subject. I took out my iPhone and used True HDR and captured the image in semi automatic mode

A smartphone will not replace a digital single lens reflex camera, but it is better to have a smart phone in your pocket then no camera whatsoever. The iPhone can take stunning photographs when properly used with the right camera applications. I have 18 x 24 prints made with the iPhone five. They cannot be discerned from images taken with a professional camera.

Enjoy, Jeff


  1. Great shot. As I mentioned on fb, this would be a great spot for a field trip, especially if we could get inside. I've been doing a lot of HDR lately, and this site would be perfect for that!

  2. Peeked around inside. I don't feel it is safe structurally or health wise!