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Friday, December 28, 2012

Capitol Hills Black and White

Capitol Hills Black and White.  Shot this AM with a Fuji x10 as a  3 color, 1 stop bracket,  Processed in Photomatix as a Monochrome Image.  I really like the punch of this image.  Enjoy, Jeff

Dynamic Light App

This a great App to create an HDR effect with a single image. You have the ability to adjust the strength and the radius of the effect. The first image in each pair is the original.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Street Shoot

 Both shot today with the Fuji X10, set in B&W with a red "digital" filter, ISO 3200, f5.0, zone focused manually to 5-12 feet, cable release.  Camera was around my neck and cable release inside my coat. This is a stealth method that is near undetectable!  Minimal processing in iPhoto.  Enjoy, Jeff


Going for a smoke.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fuji Fp100c Fun

So,  Again these instant images.  The top is the peeled positive and the bottom, the reclaimed negative using the thick Clorox bleach method.  After scanning the neg,this is what i got. Certainly more detail, but way more funkier in color changes.  Enjoy, Jeff

Homefront fuji fp100 Positive


Homefront fuji fp100 Negative


Monday, December 17, 2012

Instant Filmography!

Goats Indian Ladder  fuji fp100  


Homefront Cafe Altamont NY fuji fp100  

From Pentax 67II to iPhone to Instant Film, the joy of photography continues.  These were shot with a Polaroid EE Special Packfilm camera and Fuji FP100c film.. These are the positive images.  I reclaimed the negatives tonight using the glass plate, thick Clorox technique and am waiting for them to dry.  Later I'll scan them and see if there is more detail or usability in them over the prints.  I edited these in iPhoto.  Enjoy, Jeff


Sunday, December 16, 2012


A few entries below are some shots of the Victorian Stroll taken with the Fuji X10,  I also brought my Mamiya 645 Medium Format film camera with a 200 mm Lens ( =to135mm in 35mm format) shot at f4.  I used Ilford HP 400 B&W film  shot at ISO 400.  All images are manually focused and Tv set by camera's meter, which was very accurate.  Of the 15 frames shot, not one was improperly exposed.  These images are taken from a CD Scan made at the time of developing by The Darkroom, in California.  There has been no editing of any kind.  I am really impressed with the detail of the shadows, the richness of all the tones and the Bokeh of the lens.  This is best seen in photo 4.  Note the out of focus background.
Enjoy, Jeff


Friday, December 14, 2012

Thomas and Friends

We have iPhoneography and now we have Instant Filmography! 

One of the things I love about photography   is that you have so many options to choose for imaging fun.  I use digital, medium format film, iPhone and now "back to the past", using instant film.  Polaroid no longer makes instant film and a Polaroid like film is Made by The Impossible Project.  However, it is really expensive.  The alternative is Fuji's FP100c, a color film for Land  packfilm cameras.  This peel apart film, is in a 6x9 format and under bright light can produce some stunning prints.  Furthermore, it creates a true negative that can be "reclaimed" using Clorox bleach. 

 My new buddy, Michael Raso, over at The Film photography project (http://filmphotographyproject.com) gave me some great advice about shooting this film in the cold, that was really invaluable.  If you enjoy film as I still do, I strongly suggest you head over to his site for many useful tips as well as fun and educational podcasts.  This shot taken in waning light near days end was made with a Polaroid EE Special camera and the Fuji FP 100 film. This camera has a plastic lens and focusing distance guess scale on the lens.

 This is the positive image without the edges pulled away, giving it a kinda' grungy look.  Later. I'll reclaim the negative and play around with that after it is scanned.

Enjoy, Jeff

Another Tragic Day in America

Taken this year in the late afternoon on Friday, December 14. John on Main Street, grieving in Altamont , NY . When are we going to stop this madness . The lives of our children have more import than the rights of gun enthusiasts to have any weapon they want.  Jeff

Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Way

Another way to have fun with a photo.  This was processed first in Snapseed then in Lo-Mob as a 6x9 old polaroid pack film negative.  Polaroid had and now Fuji has a negative from the instant film that you can bleach out the chemicals, scan and edit the image.  Enjoy, Jeff

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two ways of Visualizing

Shots of a pretty Victorian dressed girl shot during the Stroll.  Note the original vs the aged effect create in Old Photo Pro.  Enjoy, Jeff

Troy HDR Images

Troy Steel Doors


Troy Wall

If eyes are kept open, there is so much to see and shoot.  On my way back to the garage today, I saw these walls right there!  I knew they had HDR potential so shot them as a set of 3 bracketed images 1 stop apart.  I used the Fuji X10, and the camera strap braced around my neck as I pushed the camera out in front.  This is a great technique to become the tripod for steady shooting.  The images were processed in Photomatix Pro.  Enjoy, Jeff


Today's Photo Shoot

































Today Was Troy's Victorian Stroll.  Met up with several other Photo Club Members for a walk and shoot!  These were all done on the Fuji X10, ISO 400, no PP after other than than the Uber-cool monochrome of the models in the store front capturing the reflections of the buildings opposite.  I really like that look.  A bit artsy! I shot 15 B&W portraits with the Mamiya 645e MF film camera.  We'll see how they turn out.  Enjoy, Jeff