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Sunday, December 16, 2012


A few entries below are some shots of the Victorian Stroll taken with the Fuji X10,  I also brought my Mamiya 645 Medium Format film camera with a 200 mm Lens ( =to135mm in 35mm format) shot at f4.  I used Ilford HP 400 B&W film  shot at ISO 400.  All images are manually focused and Tv set by camera's meter, which was very accurate.  Of the 15 frames shot, not one was improperly exposed.  These images are taken from a CD Scan made at the time of developing by The Darkroom, in California.  There has been no editing of any kind.  I am really impressed with the detail of the shadows, the richness of all the tones and the Bokeh of the lens.  This is best seen in photo 4.  Note the out of focus background.
Enjoy, Jeff


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