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Sunday, August 18, 2013




 At 500mm!!




The Fuji F800EXR really solved my need for a pocket 28-500 zoom camera wioth an excellent lens and CMOS sensor.  These are my first shots with it today after golf at Western Turnpike Golf Course in Guilderland.

I am pretty impressed with the AUTO settings, WB, color and clarity.  They were minimally edited in iPhoto.  Enjoy, Jeff

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Morning Ride

The backlit photograph.

Early morning light with dew is a great opportunity to photograph even the simplest things such as grass or weeds. Notice the backlit effect highlighting and turning something ordinary into what I believe, is beautiful. In choosing to take a backlit photograph the point of exposure is critical, if you want to make a silhouette , you would expose where the light is coming in and everything in front will turn black . You can adjust the degree of blackness and the degree of high lit  edges by adjusting the exposure point

For this image I chose an exposure point toward the bottom third of the image that would allow one to see details in the plants and yet show the backlit subject

Queens Anne's lace field and backlit sun 

This to me has a sort of National Geographic landscape look. I saw this field of Queen Ann's lace partially backlit and the sun rays coming in over the trees in the background. What a great combination of foreground subject and background subject.

And again, I used the iPhone 5 Using camera plus to initially take the photographs, adding a clarity filter, further editing in Laminar with framing. Enjoy, Jeff

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lark Street Photo Shoot

Danny and Al, Martial Artists


Kee, Body Builder

These were taken today with my Nikon D200 and the standard 18-105mm Nikkor lens.  Shot in color, these portraits were then converted to Black and White using Topaz Adjust.  I started with the original Charcoal setting and did a lot of tweaking to get this result, similar to "Charles" in an earlier post.   My technique is to approach in a very friendly way, complement, make a little conversation and with permission, get their street portrait.
Enjoy, Jeff