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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Small Landscapes


Another perfect day for the Small Landscape. 

 First see the set up above:

Canon EOS M with Live LCD Viewfinder, essential for accurate composition
Fotasy EOS M lens FD and camera adapters
Canon FD 50mm lens
Fotasy Extension tubes 50mm
Macro Slide rail for fine focus
LED light Bank. Additional light from french doors and overhead daylight balanced fluorescent ceiling lamp

ISO set at 100 aperture for the top image 1.8, others estimated 2.8-3.5, Tv 1/40-1/30 sec, AWB
Shot in RAW and edited with Canon Digital Photo Professional

My goal as stated in an earlier post is to focus on a key element of the flower and let the rest go soft with a wife f stop.  Composition, design, abstractness are more important to me for this imagery than sharpness and detail from front to back.

Once you have a DSLR, the rest of the set up is quite inexpensive. Old Nikon, Canon 50mm lenses are really cheap on Ebay.  Plain extension tubes and Fotasy adapters are about 15-25 dollars!

So what do you think? Critique always welcome.

Enjoy, Jeff

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rose and Friend


For this I used a Canon FD Macro 100m lens at F4 with 49mm extension.  This creates a slightly greater than 1:1 enlargement.  I really love the contrast between the deep red rose petals, their size in comparison to the little white flower that came with the bunch.  The red background causes the white flower to pop out and draw your eye.  The white flower was on the same plane as the middle rose petal.  Shot in CRAW, at 1/50 sec, F4, ISO 100, on tripod with 2 second timer to avoid camera shake. Enjoy, Jeff


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snow shoe fun

These images were just taken a little while ago when I went snowshoeing in the park behind our house. The sun was setting and the light was absolutely fabulous. I had my camera that is always with me-the iPhone 5 and I used Camera + to take the photographs and edit them entirely in that application. It has become a very powerful, go to editing app as well as camera taking app for me. They have really enhanced it and I would endorse your purchase of it if you don't already have it on your iPhone. Enjoy, Jeff

Winter in Albany

The Onesthaqua creek in South Albany.

 These were shot today in 4 degree ,beautiful sunny weather.  With proper dress and equipment precautions it is quite doable. Re equipment, it is important that you have extra fresh batteries and a sealable bag to put the cold gear in when you want to bring it in the house.  This prevents condensation from cold to warm, which could damage cameras and lenses. These images were shot with a Canon EOS M and it's 18-55 EF lens. Settings were ISO 100, f11, shutter from 1/15 to 1/30th second, AWB and a polarizer.  RAW format and Adobe RGB color space.  Tripod of course.  Lightly edited in Canon Digital Professional software.

Friday, January 3, 2014



Shot today through our front window near the feeder.  Shot with the Nikon 200 and the 35-105 Nikon lens. Shot in RAW and edited in Photoshop.  Not bad for a window shot!  Enjoy, Jeff


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter Berries

Winter Berries

This was shot today with the EOS M set up, using a 50mm Canon FD lens with A Fotasy FD to EOS   adapter, a Fotodiox extension tube set at 21, ISO 200, F11, and Tv of 1/40 sec.  AWB worked fine.  Here, I reduced the amount of extension to 21 from 49 to allow taking in a larger scene.  I also stopped down the lens in contrast to the Macro abstract flower colors below to show more detail.  RAW was used and lightly edited in Canon DigitalProfessional.  I really like the EOS M for this and landscape work.  The large LCD and touch screen controls make it a very good photo tool.  Enjoy, Jeff