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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trees and Snow

We had a great fluffy snowfall last night. The kind that coats the trees and creates beautiful B&W images. I was out cross country skiing with my good friend Cliff today and came across this grouping of trees. I used an f-stop of 5.6, ISO 400, RAW on a Panasonic Lumix LX-5 camera and composed with main focus on the forward tree to the left. With all of these cameras, snow will be exposed a mid tone grey unless you do one of two things. You must open up the exposure in camera by 1-1and 1/3 stops if you don't process your images in the computer, or adjust the exposure histogram toward the right in levels or curves to show the proper color of the snow. If you shoot in RAW, white balance can easily be adjusted in processing. If not AWB may work but it's better to choose the proper scene balance in camera. For this image it would have been "cloudy". Alternatives to compensate for the color changes that can occur on cloudy, overcast days are to shoot a Custom WB off the snow or set a proper Kelvin temperature in camera to compensate. Jeff

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