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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Western Digital Washington Square, NYC Photowalk and Model Shoot

I was very fortunate to be one of the eight photographers selected to participate in a teaching Photowalk with Bruce Dorn. (Google him and you will see how famous he is!!)

Western Digital, Lexar and Lowepro sponsored the contest. We met in Washington Square yesterday and spent 3 hours learning from Bruce and photographing this beautiful model, Rebecca Leigh West ( Google her too!). Bruce went over the basics of exposure, depth of field, ISO, shutter speed and was with us setting up shots in pre-picked locations in the park. He reviewed and used reflectors and how to use them, best lenses for different types of environmental portraits, depending on the background and effect desired. We each had 15 minutes one on one with the model. Bruce was there and really shared a lot of knowledge with me, when my turn came. For this image, I used my Maxxum 7D with a Minolta 2.8 50 mm macro lens.

After the shoot we went over to Amity Hall, a nice pub for some good food, beer and swapping photo stories.

Despite my 40 years of serious photography. I learned a lot. Much thanks to this lovely model, Rebeccca. She was a professional, very patient and knew how to pose in any light. Enjoy the following images. Jeff


  1. What I wanted to say was that we were in NYC at the same time. I was at the Int Cent for Photog and MOMA. I took a few pictures but not like what you did!!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Having Bruce Dorn and a pro model may have helped me a bit! Jeff