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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Torah Scribe

We had a major event at our Synagogue this weekend, in that our Congregation decided to have a new Torah written for us. An Israeli Rabbi Torah Scribe came and I was one of the photographers asked to shoot this event. I used my Fuji X10 for this close-up on Macro setting, AWB at f2.2, Auto ISO 800. I focused on the Scribe's pen and was blown away with the detail captured by the ultra-sharp Fujinon 28-110mm lens. There is virtually no noise. I did no sharpening in camera or in PP. Wow!

Enjoy, Jeff


  1. I love this image!

    And what an honor that you were asked to photograph it.

  2. My synagogue is getting a new torah - I am involved in the fundraising effort. I would love to use this image - actually a cropped portion. Please tell me how I may contact you to discuss.

    1. Shalom David! Email me at perkster46@yahoo.com. Tell me whether you need a small file for digital publication or something larger. Jeff