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Monday, June 11, 2012

Paris and HDR

Taken with a Fuji X10 with 3 exposures, 1 stop apart, processed on Photomatix Pr0 4.2. The X10 allowed the HDR because it takes the 3 exposures with one shutter opening, thus the advancing motion of the boat is not a problem. Enjoy, Jeff


  1. Really nice, Jeff. My Canon G12 does a three-exposure HDR too, but I haven't played around with it too much. May have to now that I've seen yours.

    Lately I've been putting my camera on the bw function. So fun.

  2. I like the top of this page where it says you're a physician and a serious photographer. Does this imply you're not a serious physician? Kist kidding, Jeff. Your images look fantastic and I'm impressed how you seem to handle HDR without it looking over saturated and, dare I say it, HDRish.

  3. Thanks Dennis. Always great to hear from you. I agree about the HDRish look. I don't like it. Unless I can enhance an image with HDR, I won't use it.