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Sunday, October 14, 2012

White Birch Pond , Partridge Run, Berne NY

White Birch Pond , Pentax 67II.

I had to cancel our Photo Club's field trip to the Christman Sanctuary today  as it was quite rainy.  Time to work on taken images.  As in an earlier post.  I decided to re-incorporate medium format film into my photography.  The Pentax 67II is a huge film MF SLR that produces a 60x70mm negative.  Using expensive film with only 10 images per roll does the most wondrous thing.  It SLOWS YOU DOWN.  I love my digital cameras, but honestly, unless I really think about it, I am banging away on the shutter because I have room for 1000 images on my memory card.  Putting this 5 pound monster on a heavy tripod, using cable release, carefully composing and double checking exposure, putting up the mirror and blacking the viewfinder AND relying on experience to know that your exposures will be fine ( no chimping here!) is a calming,  thoughtful experience.  

This image was shot on Fuji Reala 100 negative film with a 45mm Pentax lens ( = 22 mm in 35 format) at f22 and hyperfocal focusing to insure sharpness from front to back.  After processing, I ran this negative  through an older Epson 2450 flatbed scanner which provided enough resolution for an 16x20 print, now on order through Bay Photo.  I felt a monochrome image would look best so I processed it through Photoshop and Black & White Pro Conversion software.

Photographically you can have your cake and eat it to by digitizing your analog image.  Hybrid photography!  It does not get better!

Enjoy, Jeff

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