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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Restoring Old Photos




Restoring old photos is a passion of mine.  One trick I learned from Katrin Eismann ( get her book) is when there is this much damage, find where it lies within the photographic information.  The mold seen lies mostly in the Blue and Green channels.  By converting the image to a monochrome only using the Red channel, the mold spots go away!  Of course much more was done to get to the final result.  It was a fun 3 hours of work.  Enjoy, Jeff



  1. Great job. The final product is wonderful and I bet the owner of the image is ecstatic.

    Seriously, if you do this great work while you're still working, I can imagine what you'll do once you're retired. It's always good to see your posts.

  2. Thank you Linda. it's a lot of fun!