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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SX-70 Experience

My great friend Cliff and I went to Vassar College today to see the SX-70 Exhibit.  The SX-70 was Polaroid's fantastic SLR introduced in 1972, that used "Instant Film".  This film, the malleable kind that could take up to 2 hrs to harden in warm temperatures was great to manipulate with a stylus.  Sadly, although SX-70 film is now made again by The Impossible Project, it is not the soft kind.  These are some of my shots taken with this film. I was GREAT fun!  Enjoy, Jeff

Newport 2003

Marine Shack AC

Lady Dawn AC Marina





Toasted Sunflower

Schaghticoke WaterGames

 Schahticoke Fair The Guesser

Marine Shack AC BW 


Lucy the Elephant

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