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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Window Light

Portrait Lighting, that is what it all about.  There are so many ways to light a portrait.  One of the simplest ways is to use light from a Northern window when it is cloudy outside.  The light is soft and smooth.  Here I positioned Abe, our 7 year old grandson at a 30 degree angle from the window to create a little shadow on the left side of his face.  Of course this was not a studio shot where background is controlled, but far better than unplanned snapshot or with direct flash.  I metered off his face and used AWB on the Canon EOS M with a 22mm lens (35mm focal length in film format).  Enjoy, Jeff


  1. This is really sweet. Great expression on his cute face and very nice lighting.

  2. Thanks Linda. Simple but effective technique.