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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Christman Sanctuary




 Nearby in Delansen, NY, is the Christman Sanctuary.  The Bozenkill runs through it and after the recent rain and prior snow, I knew the water would be flowing.  There was actually too much flow in the large falls that do not make for good water photography IMO.  I chose these scenes instead.  Camera was a Canon EOS M, 11-18mm Canon lens, circular polarizer, ISO 100, f16 to create this result.  Ev about .5 seconds.  AWB and a little fine tuning of the RAW images in Canon Digital Professional.  Enjoy, Jeff


  1. Beautiful. I'm kind of "over" shooting waterfalls but when I see images like this they make me want to get out there and try again.

  2. Thanks, I know what you mean! The Sanctuary is sp special though with great soft light in the early AM. Worth it!

  3. I wonder if/how different these photos might look after the storm from a couple of days ago.