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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Back Yard Birds









As the insects are leaving for the season I challenged myself to try small bird photography.  What fun!  I set up a perch/stand from some branches about 25 feet from our back porch which served as a "blind", allowing me to see the birds but  far enough away that they did not care about me. On the tree to where the perch was nailed I set up an oiled sunflower seed feeder.  About 4 feet in front of the perch I set up a remote flash to fire at 1/2 power.  The Nikon D7200 was attached to my new SIgma 150-600mm VR lens at 600mm, AWB,  ISO 1250,F8.1/200 sec with a wireless flash transmitter.  I used a ML-3 remote to fire the camera to reduce camera-lens vibration. 

Images were shot as JPEGs and lightly edited in iPhoto.

Overall for my first shots, I am pretty, pretty pleased!

Enjoy, Jeff


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