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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Open Aperture

The standard way of shooting flowers is with a narrow aperture to achieve everything in focus.  Often I like to do things a little differently.  Here I was looking for a shallow depth of field, focusing on just one section of these backyard flowers shot near sunset with the sun behind.  I used a Fuji XPRO-1 with an old Tamron 2.5, 90mm Macro lens shot at 2.5.  On an APS-C camera, this gives an effective aperture of 3.75 when shot at 2.5, lens wide open.
Shutter speed had to be fast at 1/1000 sec and ISO was 1000.  All shot hand held with flowers blowing all over the place!  Notice on the third image the reddish blur on the left side of the composition.  That was a red flower behind the daisy that I used to contrast the yellow petals.  Enjoy, Jeff

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