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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nora Spring 2009

Nora, A beautiful lady I saw in New Hope, PA last year. As soon as I saw her I knew I had to photograph her. The technique that I used was simply to start a conversation with her about her home and the town. As we talked and she relaxed I asked her if I could photograph her while were chatting. She agreed, as most people do if they feel the photographer is not being intrusive. My favorite street photo cam is the Canon G9. Small enough to not scare folks, but of excellent quality to produce terrific images. This was my favorite which I "developed" in Photoshop and then tweaked to the effect I liked in Topaz Adjust, a must have plug-in. Look at her, she is gorgeous and regal in her years. Jeff


  1. Nora is precious!

    Very nice blog, Jeff. I support your idea of a blog fully. Go for it. It keeps you moving and vibrant, always looking for new images, the fodder of our passion.

    Don't forget that you can capture pictures with your iPhone, process them and send them right to your blog from your phone. I've been doing it for years with my regular phone. With iPhone, you have your darkroom right in the palm of your hands. Talk about immediacy!

    Best, Curt Miller

  2. Curt, Thanks for your nice comments! Love the iPhone and all the photo apps to play with. Another way to stay creative! Jeff