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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Woman in Siracusa

Look for interesting people and photograph them. I noted the contrast of her sadness and the hope represented in her bright red fluffy scarf. It is these contrasts that create an image that grabs the viewer's eye.


  1. I love the emotion you have captured in this photo - provokes on the consider her story & her sadness.

  2. Yes, We were in Sicily. In Siracusa first at a church, very dark inside , I noticed her sitting in a back corner, alone. Immediately something about her struck me. Her body language just gave off profound sadness. Twenty minutes later we picked a small cafe for lunch. There she was sitting at the front of the cafe just like that. I set up my Sony F828 in stealth mode at our table and started discreetly taking images. This one captured her the best. I still wonder about her. How is she? Jeff