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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hay Rolls

I saw this field this morning. I was reminded of the importance of farming in America. Shot this with my iPhone ( the camera always with me) in Camera+, further edited in Wood camera and Snapseed for filters. The birds were added in Wood camera, one of the coolest filters I have seen.

Before my Smart/camera phone I had to carry a regular cell phone and sometimes when I felt like carrying, a pocket digital camera. In the film days it was a Rollie Prego 35mm ( which is a great pocket camera), Needless to say I often tired of two items on my belt that always were getting knocked off when I sat in an armed chair! When the iPhone came along, I saw the wisdom in getting one and have never looked back.

Not only do you have a phone, but a decent camera now and the ability to edit on the fly, artsify and upload your images to your Blog , Facebook, Twitter, Picassa and other social media, as well as emailing pics to your friends.

It is a great time to be a photographer! Enjoy, Jeff


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