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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Backstretch

I had the good fortune to be at Saratoga Raceway today due to the kindness of my friend Bob. Bob is a horse owner and thus provided me with a pass to the backstretch region of the track, allowing excellent positioning to capture the action. These types of shots are best done with DSLR and Tele lens. For this shoot I used a Fuji S3 Pro paired with a Nikkor 55-200 VR ED Lens. To stop action, reduce camera shake, I set the ISO to 800, Exposure to 1/1000 sec at F 9.5 or 11, depending on the light. With a tele lens and it narrow DOF at 200mm, it is important to set a high f stop to capture detail at this distance. All of the images were lightly edited on an iMac with iPhoto.

Here I focused on the body of this animal.

Notice how a1/1000 sec exposure stops even the flying dirt.

Here I focused on the legs. That is where the action is!

Post race portrait of Ramon Dominguez on Pleasant Prince

See, I don't just use an iPhone! Enjoy, Jeff

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