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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bastion Falls, Palenville, NY

Today was a great day for landscape imaging, cloudy, overcast, just perfect.  These falls are right of off 23A, west of Palenville in the Catskills. You have to park 0.8 miles up the road and walk down the highway to the falls.  If you like a creamy effect , this is easy photography.  Set the camera to to its smallest f stop ( higher number ), set the ISO to the lowest and know that the shutter speed will be slow to soften the water, add a polarizing filter, make sure camera is stable on a tripod, use a cable release to avoid camera shake when firing and voila!  You have a pretty neat image.  This was shot with a Fuji X10, f11, ISO 100 and 1/5 second.

 For impact I edited the photo in Topaz Adjust 5, Vibrant Collection, Autumn filter.  It then needed a little white balance correction to finish.  Enjoy, Jeff


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