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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Cardinal

I was leaf blowing the back deck and found this cardinal amidst the dying leaves.  It was upsetting and after putting on rubber gloves  an inspection showed a puncture wound made on the other side.  I suspect a nearby hawk attacked the cardinal but it escaped only to die on our deck.  Wanting to capture detail and create a fitting setting, I placed the cardinal on my scanner with the leaf over it.  I first brushed it off with a new soft paintbrush.  I scanned it and did a lot of dust removal in Photoshop. Flatbed scanners are f2-3,  8x10 large format cameras capable of capturing incredible detail.  I know, it makes us sad to see this but also reminds of the beauty of this creature.  Jeff



  1. Yes, Jeff, sad, but what a BEAUTIFUL image you created. A great tribute to the beauty that God has given us to enjoy.

  2. The leaf looks a lot like a hand holding the cardinal. So touching. Thanks, Jeff.