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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shooting People

There are many ways to shoot people on the street. My favorite is to meet someone who has a "look" that attracts me, engage them so that we both feel comfortable and then shoot. I simply feel better about this type of portraiture than sneaking a photo. Most importantly, I have made a connection with another person that elevates the photo experience for me. Enjoy, Jeff


  1. any advice for breaking the ice?

  2. Hi David! I usually go up to that person and tell them that I really like their look. I tell them how fascinated I am by their appearance and would love to photograph them. We make comfortable talk for a few minutes and once I sense they are relaxed, I ask permission to take photos as we are talking. This usually works and we both are happy with the experience. Of course, I offer to send them a physical print or email them the image. Jeff