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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Spanish Dancer

Street Fairs......what a great place for people photography. No need to sneak around. Just blend in, sway with the music, find interesting subjects and shoot! I find most folks are happy that they are being photographed at these events. No need to ask permission and ruin the candid moment. This was a Latino Festival in Albany today. I wandered there with my trusty KM Maxxum 7D and Tamron 28-300 lens. To avoid blur I chose a high enough ISO of 400 that would allow for a fast shutter and enough of an F stop to keep the moving subject sharp. Settings were: F5.6, and 1/800 sec . I included one shot at wider angle to capture the young girl enjoying the dance ( to create the environment of the scene) and one as a portrait close-up, minimizing the background.
Enjoy, Jeff

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