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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finding the Ordinary

Today, recovering from my colonscopy with the Dr Mengele, water-boarding prep, I couldn't drive. So finally by 4PM I felt alert enough to walk around the block with my DSLR gear. Project was to find something ordinary, photograph it well and make a decent image. I used my Minolta Maxxum 7D DSLR and a 50 mm Minolta 2.8 Macro lens. A Prime Macro lens allows much better image detail capture than a standard lens, even a zoom with "Macro". I chose an f stop of 8.0, shutter speed 1/400 and ISO 1600 to stop motion as it was a little breezy. A Tripod was used of course. WB was Auto. Post processing involved a little curves adjustment, creation of Lens Flare and a touch of Multiply Blend on the seeds to sharpen them an create a little local contrast. Enjoy, Jeff


  1. What!!! you used a "real" camera??? What's up with that?

    Beautiful. Great self-project.

  2. i know!! A real camera!! I wanted to show you that I haven't lost my touch! Jeff