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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Aquariums create great photo opportunities. My favorite always are the jellyfish. The tips here to get this kind of shot, whether you are using a DSLR or a P&S are these. Set the camera shutter speed or time value (Tv) to at least 1/250 sec. ramp up the ISO to 400-800 to allow a more closed f stop
( greater depth of field), USE NO FLASH- the flash will create reflections from the tank and then place the lens right up to the glass. Don't worry about the WB as it is hard to get right with the lighting and diffraction created by the water. You'll fix that later in the computer. This shot was taken with a Casio Z750 pocket camera set to Sports mode ( fast shutter speed), ISO at 400 and then shot. I took about 20 shots to get the this one. In iPhoto, I adjusted the white/color balance, tint, details and applied modest noise reduction. I then boosted detail in Topaz Adjust using "Portrait Drama". Jeff


  1. This is such a fascinating photograph, Jeff. I literally stared at it for 10 minutes. You are a gifted photographer. Nettie Bayda

  2. Amazing! The central jelly looks almost like a fetus in a womb!

  3. Thanks Sukumar! That's what I saw!! Jeff