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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Taoramina, Sicily

Travel photography? Who doesn't love it? When shooting travel images, not only do you want to record the timeless beauty of a place and its history, but ideally you want to add the human element. Having a person who just fits into the scene makes the image. This shot of the gentleman relaxing on Piazza Nuovo in Taoramina, taking in the sun, complemented the warm tones of the church wall on this sunny February day. Also notice how by framing the shot this way, he balances the image "weight" of the large door to the left. Technical: Sony F828 digital with Zeiss 28-200mm lens, in P mode. Jeff


  1. Real nice photos, Jeff. I like all of them and, as you'd probably expect, this one is my favorite.

    Keep up the blog!!!


  2. From you Curt, that is meaningful!! Jeff