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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Swing Dance

What fun! A swing dance party. Technique: Slow shutter speed of 1/8 second coupled with fill flash creates a sense of motion blur coupled with sharpness as caught by the flash during the exposure. F8 chosen for depth of field. Then 5 images were loaded into Photoshop, sized at 5x3.3 inches each. A new file was made at the same 240 dpi resolution at 26x 4 inches and the individual shots were dragged in, and merged. Needed a little bandaid/ clone to remove the panel edges. Finally the floor was smoothed and blended using Topaz Adjust-Simplify Mode. This shot would be near impossible from capture to process in the film days. The joy of digital! Jeff


  1. Wonderful creative work, excellent.


  2. Thanks so much Robert. From you, that really means a lot! Jeff