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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mother and Child

The key to this type of intimate portrait revolves around beautiful subjects, great light and the willingness of our good friend Caren to allow me to interact with her and her beautiful daughter Sophia Marion. The light was a TTL bounce light from a Nikon 600 flash, bounced off the white ceiling and the camera a Fuji S3 Pro. You need a traditional flash, on or off camera to bounce the light off ceiling or a white wall. This creates a very soft light with soft shadows. Direct flash pointed toward the subjects creates that annoying "shiny forehead or nose" flash glare. During the shoot I was speaking softly to Caren to get her to show the feelings and emotion she has for her newborn daughter. Notice also how the hair, which I left over her face creates a little mystery, but yet one can see her warm smile. Remember, create soft light, eliminate the space between subjects and get them to express how they feel. Your portraits will have much more meaning and impact. Jeff

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